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"What I really like is that people don't know if its' "real" or a tattoo. And what's the difference? It's both."


"I got the tattoo because I wanted a ring I could never lose, but also because I was madly and uncontrollably in love with my boyfriend Kasper."

Tatooosfortwo example photo

photo by Agnete Schlichtkrull

"It's a 'same tribe' sort of thing."

Tatooosfortwo example photo

My boyfriend and I have chromosomes tattooed on our forearms. When we put them together it shows a cell during meiosis - geeky yet romantic.

That's what inspired this project. I'm collecting material for a book called TATTOOS FOR TWO, about tattoos with a shared meaning. They can involve more than two people and signify any kind of bond: brotherhood, fandom, a shared dream or loss or experience, etc. I'm aiming for portraits - in words and images - that illuminate the relationship that inspired the tattoos as well as the artwork itself.

Contributing involves a brief interview with each person, a close-up photograph of the tattoos together, and if necessary a second photo that shows faces. (Participants can choose to be anonymous, though.) They have to sign a release, but I'm happy to show them the material before it goes into the book. I live in Brooklyn, New York, and am willing to travel or to interview over the phone. Photographers and tattoo artists will be credited.

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